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Baumann Management Appraisal

Setting the course for the future today

Top executives are not just the ultimate guarantors for the companies to stay successful today. They are also the key to success when it comes to setting the course of the company for the future. Executives must therefore have competence profiles for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Sustainable corporate success therefore depends on the management knowing the exact abilities, and the potentials of the key executives. This is exactly where the Baumann Management Appraisal comes in picture.

With the use of scientifically based online tools, you can objectively analyse the competencies of your managers and identify individual development potential.

The special feature of our tool is the possibility of integrating the so-called "business driving force". This makes it possible to analyse executives as regards their potential for future challenges. With the web-based 360-degree feedback tool, external assessments can also be integrated in a convenient and time-saving way across several hierarchy levels.

  • Holistic assessment of the competencies and potential of managers and talented people.
  • Assessment based on an individual target profile (current target skill set and so-called business driving force)
  • Either 180, 270 or 360 degree assessment:
    • Self-assessment
    • Assessment of the supervisor(s)
    • Assessment by own employees
    • Assessment of managers at the same level
    • Customer assessment and/or audit assessment
  • 1 model / 4 categories / 24 competences / 120 indicators

Identify the potential of your team.
Keep an eye on tomorrow’s challenges from early on.

Talent- and Management Audit

Identify the potential of your team. Keep an eye on tomorrow’s challenges from early on.

The lack of managers has arrived in the companies. More than ever, it is now important to recognise potentials early on and promote them in the best possible way. An assessment done in the form of an audit without losing foresight, provides you a quick and holistic overview of the performance potential of your specialists and managers. On this basis, you can purposefully steer the development of managers and talented people in the company.


Depending on your needs, the audit reveals the potential for today's and future requirements. When deciding about a placement, you can consider whether a manager or a talented person not only meets the requirements of today, but also the requirements of the years to come. Current benchmarks in the audit process show additional development potential that can be specifically promoted.

We use the Baumann Audit together with you as an instrument for assessment and review or as an instrument for analysis and personnel development

Develop the necessary
competencies in management

Management development

Prepare your managers and talented people for tomorrow's challenges

Learning is not an end in itself. It is an important objective to deal better with the challenges of today and tomorrow and to make them more manageable.

The greatest challenges are usually a result of changes and upheavals within the business, within the team or in management requirements. To tackle them actively, courage and effort are required. This requires strength and experience.

Baumann Coaching
Professional guidance on a temporary basis

Baumann Coaching

Professional guidance on a temporary basis

Under the Baumann Coaching, we guide your company as neutral sparring partner, listener, question poser, driving force and feedback provider as well as consultant and mediator. The starting point is always an individual coaching concern and a defined goal.

In coaching, we can work on topics in a target-oriented way, establish alternative actions and identify and resolve doubts of the coachees. We use events from the past as valuable experiences to initiate the personal and professional change process.

Often, it is sufficient to change your perspective and take other points of view into account. With a "scope of possibilities" to be worked out, new challenges can be recognised as opportunities and future tasks can be solved in the best and most efficient way.

Coaching Fields
Coaching Methods
  • Executive and executive coaching
  • Change management
  • Conflict management, mediation
  • Communication
  • Personality development
  • Team building
  • Stress-, self- and time management
  • Burnout prevention, Work-Life Balance
  • Question and feedback techniques
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Systemic Coaching
  • Work on goals and values
  • Communication/conflict models
  • Re-interpretation/Re-framing
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)