Personalities are not found by chance –
you have to search for them.


More than 40 years of quality and professionalism in personnel consulting

Over 30,000 successful placements in the German economy

Thanks to our market and industry know-how in all relevant economic sectors, we have been occupying top executive and professional positions for more than four decades now. Our specialised in-house research, individual approach to candidates and their networks and our strong brand name are the foundation of our success along with our extensive experience.

That's why you should opt for Baumann


Our process

  1. 1. Phase: Project start

    • In-depth briefing
    • Fixing the job profile and search profile
    • Determining the individual search strategy
  2. 2. Phase: Search process

    • Active development of the current candidate market using all search paths: Direct search, Baumann WebSearch, online advertisements
    • Research Baumann Datenbank
    • Baumann Career Newsletter
    • Integration of the Baumann Network Planner
  3. 3. Phase: Internal selection process

    • Telephone interviews
    • Document review and background check
    • Consultant interviews
    • Diagnosis: Baumann Select
  4. 4. Phase: Candidate presentation

    • Short listing including candidate presentation

  5. 5. Phase: Interviews with client

    • Personal interviews together with the client
  6. 6. Phase: Project completion

    • Reference check
    • Assistance in the negotiation phase
    • Conclusion of employment contract

Baumann Search method

In order to find the top candidates, our search process unfolds in systematic steps. We combine efficient search methods to address the current candidate market in the best possible way. Our target group primarily comprises of those who do not necessarily strike you as applicants. Those candidates are often not to be found on the usual business and social media networks. However, they are interested in career-relevant information, if the approach is professional, targeted and personal.  We have the search approaches and networks that aid us to interact with these candidates directly and in no time. 

  • Direct search

    More than 40 years of direct search experience in the Executive & Professional Search are paying off. Due to the long-standing project experience of our in-house research department, we know the varied organisational structures of the major companies in the individual economic sectors.

    This is why we get into conversation with the top candidates at executive and professional level in a quicker and more direct manner. The fact that our employees also have industry specialisations in research is another important factor in the success of our direct approach.

  • Baumann WebSearch

    Active Sourcing is an integral part of our recruiting strategy. The search for a candidate in databases is an indispensable part of today's search for personnel. However, pure candidate identification on social media platforms is not all. With the Baumann WebSearch, we analyse all national and international CV databases relevant to the respective search, including social networks, and address candidates personally.

  • Ad-supported search

    Insofar as discretionary reasons are not opposed to such action, the ad-supported search is an important component of a comprehensive search strategy even today in order to quickly identify the current recruitment market and to get in touch with interested candidates.

    With the Baumann telephone receiver advertisement, we have the most successful advertising concept since 1977. You can benefit from our market-leading position in the ad-supported search as well.

  • Baumann Database

    Thanks to our many years of experience in Executive & Professional Search, we are personally familiar with a large number of top candidates in all industries and sectors. For over 40 years, we have been investing in the maintenance and expansion of our Baumann database, which is growing every year by thousands of new profiles of top candidates. This circle of well-known personalities and network candidates completes the candidate portfolio at Executive & Professional Level in mandates.

  • Baumann Networks

    We know the current candidate market and the market knows us. Through a variety of collaborations and the continuous exchange with leading outplacement and career consultancies, we have created a dense network from which our clients and candidates in search mandates benefit equally.

  • Career Newsletter

    Every week, we propose individually suitable vacancies from our current search mandates to our network candidates. That is how we regularly reach more than 11,000 top talents.

We are not only
looking for the best,
we are also looking
for the ideal ones!

Direct approach

We instantly get in touch with the top candidates

In executive search, the direct approach to candidates has always been the basis of our search approaches. This is particularly applicable to confidential executive searches in narrow candidate markets that are subject to high discretionary requirements.

The added value of our direct approach for our clients mainly comprises of coming in contact with candidates who are hidden to them. Our core competence is the analysis and "transparentising" of organisations and their respective management and employee structures. Identifying candidates who are discoverable in current databases and social media platforms is not what we go after. We provide our clients the added value of identifying candidates who are under the radar.

Based on the many years of project experience of our in-house research department, we rely on prior knowledge of target company structures and existing contacts to target candidates in almost all search projects.

Our research staff uses exclusive industry know-how and current information about industry trends, developments of target companies and the respective management in their direct approach in order to quickly and reliably get in touch with the desired candidates.

Absolute professionalism right from the first contact is a prerequisite for succeeding with direct approach. The first contact of the candidates is therefore always addressed by the reliable partner in authority.


  • the preservation of the discretion
    of our client
  • comprehensive information of the candidate regarding the position, the company and its environment at the length desired by client
  • concrete statements about the position to be filled, the prospects and any risks that may exist
  • regular and timely information on the status of the project and the process
  • „For many years now, we have been successfully filling national and international top positions for our clients with the help of direct approach.“ Dr. Michael Faller, Managing Director

Baumann WebSearch

The wide database makes all the difference

For you, we search in all relevant national and international CV databases and social networks.

After the initial contact via individualised web letters, we follow up by telephone and contact the right candidates for you. This way, we achieve a significantly higher feedback rate and willingness to talk than is the case with classic active sourcing. We have our reputation and high profile to thank for, as it is these factors that help us achieve this.

Experts in sourcing

Advertising concept

Let our offers allure you into a discussion!

For decades, we have been one of the market leaders in the field of ad-supported personnel search. We are present in the most resonant job exchanges in Germany and Europe on a regular basis.

Our advertisements are characterized not only by a high recognition value with candidates. The ad layout with our distinctive trademark - the Baumann telephone receiver - is one of the best-known symbols in the German personnel consulting market. This is an substantially distinguishing feature in the increasingly confusing job markets.

Thanks to our special advertising concept, top candidates earnestly approach us. Our advertisement lures them in finding out about the next step in their career. Even before an application, we offer candidates the opportunity to exchange personal and confidential information with the consultant in order to find out together, whether an application has a chance of breakthrough owing to good professional eligibility.

You will also benefit from the expertise of our in-house media department:

Depending on your industry and environment, we will give you a clear recommendation on the medium in which we can achieve the best chances of success with an advertisement.


  • The Baumann advertisement:
    The most successful ad since 1977
  • Personal contact with the consultant
    seven days a week
  • In-house media department to identify
    the wide-ranging coverage of advertising mix

Selection process

We are not only looking for the best, we are also looking for the ideal ones!

Without any doubt, the sustainable success of a position occupancy depends on the professional competence profile and the experience background of a candidate. Equally important, however, is whether the candidate is a good fit for the culture of the company and the people working there. If recruiting decisions turn out to be wrong in hindsight, this is usually due to the fact that the position holder has not succeeded in “coming” and “concurring” within the organisation.

Before we present you the candidates and their competence profiles, we subject them to a structured internal selection process with regard to both their professional and cultural suitability for your organisation.

The individual selection stages are individually tailored to your needs and expectations.

In principle, our shortlisting decision comprises the following internal process steps, which are carried out exclusively by the consultant in charge of the mandate:

  • detailed telephone interviews
  • Creation of telephone interview protocols including candidate qualification
  • Comparison of the interview contents with information obtained from other application documents or available information
  • structured pre-interviews of consultant
  • Online diagnostics: Baumann Select

Baumann Executive Search
repeatedly awarded

Baumann Select

Choose the right candidate for your company

Companies need not only the best managers and specialists, but also candidates who fit them and their culture hand-in-glove in order to be successful in the market.

For a comprehensive assessment of the candidate's professional and personality profile, structured diagnostic procedures prove to be of importance in assessment decision within the framework of a hiring process. This is applicable to the executive as well as specialist levels. However, it is not only the competencies of the candidates that need to be assessed as comprehensively as possible. The assessment only provides a compelling finding with regard to the matching candidate, if the determined competencies of the candidate are analysed against the backdrop of the defined requirement criteria and if company-specific particulars can be taken into account.

Together with our partner Inolution, we have therefore developed our own competence analysis model based on scientific principles, evaluating various benchmark projects and taking into account our many years of consulting experience: Baumann Select.

The basis is a complex online questionnaire based on tried and tested scientific findings. This analytical tool is not just about evaluating the technical, methodological and social and personal competence of the candidates.

We also assess the competencies in relation to the specific requirements of the vacancy and the company environment.

Because: You don’t just need the best candidates, rather you need the candidates who are a fit for your company and the vacancy. With Baumann Select, the shortlisting decision is demonstrably more steady and sound, objective and transparent.